Spring Cleaning for BIG DATA

What your business needs to know about BIG DATA.

big data information

When it comes to Big Data it is tough to know exactly where to begin.  Every article and blog post you read discusses Big Data like it is an inexplicable ocean of information, impossible to fathom and essential to the life of your business.  But what exactly is Big Data?

Big Data is really big!

Big Data is a collection of computed facts and statistics which is inundating business at a constant rate.  In 2018, the market revenue for the amount of Big Data in the world was set at 40.8 billion US dollars.  In 2026, experts anticipate this number to double to 92.2 billion US Dollars.  The fact is, there is ALOT of data and information in the world and it is growing every second of every day.  By 2025, 20% of the existent data in the world will not only be important, but hypercritical to our everyday lives.

18 hypercritical second

What do we mean by hypercritical? Humans will turn to tech devices every 18 seconds.  With so much data in our systems, we must learn to organize and declutter, like spring cleaning for your work computers.  First let’s label the cardboard boxes Unstructured Data and Multi-structured data:

Unstructured Data contains a multiplicity of unknown posts without a pre-defined data model, such as twitter posts, text heavy information with stats, facts, and dates.

Multi-Structured Data is quite the opposite, it is derived from the combination of man and machine working together to organize information across devices.  Social platforms networks, face-to face user interaction, and web properties are all places which use multi-structured data.


Big-Data Infrastructure requires a different mindset. Compared with traditional in-house or cloud infrastructures, big-data requires careful planning to store, process and compute. Cloud infrastructures like AWS and Azure allow companies to implement big-data with ease.

The larger discussion on Big Data regard the three V’s: Volume, Velocity, and Variety.  With so much constantly growing data how will we find a way to contain it all? Will we be like the hoarders on “Buried Alive,” destroyed by our own inability to let go of burdensome objects? Or perhaps it is the speed of incoming data and the diversity of objects which will prove a formidable challenge to your future business.

What can you do?

One thing is certain, it is time for a spring cleaning, the more big data you have in the world the more vulnerable your company can become.  Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers tools such as Amazon Kinesis Firehose, Amazon Kinesis Streams, and Amazon Kinesis Analytics for organizing and examining your company’s past reports and storing them effectively.

SunVera Software can help your company organize your Big Data and utilize your online tools to build a safer more secure company for the future.

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