5 Ways AI Is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Many of us may not realize that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has quietly established a global presence in our everyday lives. From revolutionary apps such as Facebook and Uber to mobile check deposits, we have a lot to thank AI for. 


The healthcare industry is starting to witness massive upcoming changes that will change the whole game. Many hospitals and healthcare professionals have started incorporating this groundbreaking technology into their work lives, and the results have been impressive so far. Here are five ways that AI can, and will, positively impact the health industry. 


( 1 ) Making sense of big data: Healthcare professionals rely on big data to study diseases so they can try to find a cure for them. The problem is that examining big data can get really complicated and even take years to understand, so this spurs the need for AI. Using automated technology also reduces the chances of misinterpreting information and therefore, saving even more time. 


( 2 ) Brain-computer interfaces solution: Some people have had the heartbreaking experience of seeing their loved ones struggle to speak due to neuromuscular disorders. The solution for this lies in the hands of a brain-computer interface, or BCI, which takes brain signals and projects them onto an outward device. BCIs not only work to solve communication barriers, but are also being used for prevention of life-threatening habits such as alcohol and smoking as well as detection of health issues. Learn more about the various medical applications of BCIs

( 3 ) Robots helping perform surgeries: Yes you read that right. More and more doctors are finding the option of robot-assisted surgery attractive for various reasons. The most important reason is that robots allow levels of precision and control that humans may not be capable of. A new study by iData Research reveals that the robotic surgery market is expected to reach $7 billion by 2025. 



( 4 ) Accelerating the development of new medicine: AI-created medicine will be used on humans for the first time this year. This is exciting news since manual drug development processes can take up to 20 years, while AI can get the job done in just weeks. Therefore, the incorporation of more AI in medicine development will be a huge step-up towards medical advancement. It is very likely that the majority of new medicines near the end of the decade will be developed with AI. 


( 5 ) Simplifying the medical imaging process: According to a survey by Definitive Healthcare, approximately one-third of organizations use AI to assist with medical imaging processes, resulting in more faster and accurate diagnoses. 


The results of the studies conducted on artificial intelligence processes thus far give us a bright outlook on the future of healthcare. The possibilities with AI are endless. The question then remains, how will medical professionals allocate the rest of their time to seek better treatments and cures for patients? 

Sunvera Software is one of the market leaders in providing custom AI-based telehealth solutions to medical professionals. We have pioneered intelligent apps that solve common issues such as accessing urgent care and medical research studies with ease. 


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Find My Phone Apps


Our dependence on smartphones has multiplied exponentially in the last few years. They might have eased our lives but we are a single object away from a disturbed life. That object is our phones. If by any mistake or accident, we lose our phone, we will be a mess.

Multiple backups and cloud storage might get us our data back but they won’t get us our phone back. Nevertheless, the concept of “Find my phone app” has been worked upon a lot and there are multiple such apps in the market. Their significance has led to a lot of improvement and research in this domain.


“Find my phone” app lets you recover your data, photos, phone numbers, and helps you track the location of your device. The battery life and details of the Wi-Fi network it is connected to can also be seen. Android’s “find my device” system is pretty sophisticated as it pinpoints the location of your device on a map. The app can also be used to ring it remotely or lock it. Wiping data off your device is also an important feature of this app.

Find my phone app has a large scope in the app market because phones and other android devices are a necessity in everyone’s life. People use them for their official and private tasks. Therefore phones are of immense importance to everyone.

Designing such apps is a profitable investment these days. Multiple factors influence the design and cost of the app.

Process of making the app

All the requirements for the app need to be gathered at first. For instance, if the app is for androids only, different android versions, various phone models, and app platforms are to be jotted down. This step is followed by the UI/UX design of the app. It will be the programmer’s job, however, multiple things need to be discussed with the investor as well. After finalizing the UI design and a lot of programming, a prototype is made. Multiple test runs and analyses are performed which help to understand the practicality of the app. App development is the next process that finalizes much of the programming and gives a final version of the app. After quality assurance and multiple checks, the app is ready to be launched. App deployment takes place after the design, user interface, and quality meets the requirement of the client. The support and maintenance team has to be on duty all the time and fix any errors or bugs that might be encountered.

Cost and conclusion

The variety of designs and features makes the price of such an app, a variable. However, according to an estimate, such an app can be developed in $3000-$18000. On average it takes around 45 days for such an app to be developed and run all the quality assurance tests.

Sales Enablement Apps To Zoom Your Sales

Sales Enablement Apps Are The Future of Selling

Primary function of any business is to “sell” something. Anything that helps make a sale is extremely crucial to not only profitability but also survivability. Sales enablement apps precisely help achieve that. They are core to any company that wants to improve their sales process and to help achieve defined sales metrics.



All sales enablement apps must have few core functionality along with set of personalized abilities to suit business needs. Sales Dashboards, Sales Metrics view, Collateral & documents repository, Product availability & Marketing  ability and AI powered Chatbot are some essential and optional components that define a good sales enablement app.

Sales enablement apps allow mobile sales and marketing teams to keep  all their collaterals in a single repository that is easily accessible. As a result, sales people save significant time chasing collaterals essential for reaching sales targets.

Enable marketing and content creation teams to access precious data and to update collaterals based on marketing metrics. As a result, sales department can align themselves with marketing efforts to present an effective and credible front to prospects.

Legal compliance is a big factor for many regulated industries like healthcare, pharma, finance, real-estate and food & agriculture. For such companies, it is essential to have all such documents in a single repository.

Big part of sales enablement is meetings, executive briefings, training and onboarding. The Sales enablement app should fully allow these functions with easy. Furthermore, ability to schedule and reschedule meetings on the fly would help sales staff to achieve their sales metrics.

At Sunvera Software, we help you with creating your very own “Sales enablement” app to zoom thru your sales goals.

Google Vision API: Technology That Can Sense Our World

Google Vision is the future

Google Vision API: Technology That Can Sense Our World

If you have been spending a lot of your summer watching SYFY Blockbusters, you’ll know that the most powerful computers are like humans, in that they can, see, taste, touch, hear, and smell the world around them.  One of the latest and greatest Application Program

Interfaces (API), Google Cloud Vision, enables developers to understand the content of an image by encapsulating powerful machine learning models in an easy to use API.  Finally, your computers and smartphones can see and sense their world.  How does it work?

  • Google vision can detect individual objects within larger pictures to categorize and build metadata on your image.
  • Vision API has the ability to grow and change over time as more objects are introduced to improve accuracy.
  • Vision API can help moderate, prevent and block violent or adult content on crowd-sourced images.
  • Vision API can detect text and language from images using optical character recognition and Automatic Language Identification.


The myth that only big business can utilize google vision is a false one.  Small and mid-size companies can improve their efficiency, and streamline their categorization and inventory processes all with a simple click of the button.


Sunvera Software is here to help your small and mid-size business achieve the success and proficiency your company has been hoping for.  Check out our website or give us a quick call to begin planning your tech future today.

AI vs. ML

What’s the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI vs. ML

Artificial Intelligence (AI), in contrast to the natural intelligence of humans, is machine taught and learned technology.  Coined in the 1950’s, Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest buzzwords impacting big data tech companies today. The 6 major goals of AI are as follows: Continue reading “AI vs. ML”

Top 5 Reasons Why Urgent Care APPS Are Changing Healthcare

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night by a kid with a high fever or received a worried phone call from grandma who tripped and bruised her hip?  One course of action is to drive to the emergency room, sit in crowded stuffy waiting rooms for hours, pay enormous co-pays, only for the nurse to offer 5 minutes of care and prescribe ibuprofen or a Band-Aid.  We all care that our loved ones are receiving the best care possible, but occasionally we know that not every scrape or bruise requires a rushed trip to the emergency room.  Telemedicine is rising as the urgent care app which will change the future of medicine.


Here are the top 5 reasons to use telemedicine:

  • Telemedicine, like MedHeroes, is a 1 to 1 direct communication between a doctor and their patient.  Doctors use audio/video technology to see/hear the symptoms of their patients, and thus can quickly and effectively diagnose their issue.
  • Telemedicine can arrange for a doctor to visit their patient at home so their patient does not need to travel to an ER.
  • Telemedicine is more cost-effective.  They create easy pricing and transparent costs without the hassle of insurance companies.  Often Telemedicine is far less expensive than paying emergency room fees and one can pay for exactly the care they receive.
  • Telemedicine reduces the risk of spreading diseases in contagious waiting rooms.  The doctor can also analyze the environment you live in as a factor to your illness.
  • Follow up care is quick and easy so you can get back to your everyday life.

healthy happy family

Sunvera Software can help your company create or improve your Urgent Care APP to develop telemedicine of the future.  Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with our skilled software developers to discuss your mobile app ideas of the future.

General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR and Personal Data

  GDPR: The big final exam you procrastinated on


In an optimistic effort to slow the exponential growth of data and the inevitable breech of user privacy, the European Union lawmakers hoped to enhance data protection and return big data back into the autonomous hands of the users.  Like thousands of students are asking themselves how they procrastinated on their big final, so too are the big tech companies of the world asking themselves how they procrastinated on the GDPR Compliance and avoid legal hassles.

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“Technology” Runway — The Future of Fashion is Apps

Wearable App Technology

Wearable Technology — Fashion For the Future


As the warm April season begins, it might be time to dust off your Fitbit, eat a cool salad, and treat yourself to a shopping spree.  And of course, what is a new spring outfit without the accessories…

Here are the top 3 future wearable technology apps which could be scorching your summer style.

spring fashion is wearable technology

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