Benefits of Unified Access for Your Business

unified accessIn a world filled with smart devices, it’s extremely important for businesses to have a unified access system that can support all kinds of users and devices. Unfortunately, this kind of system is often out of reach because the costs associated with setting one up are too high. However, businesses should look no further than unified access to get exactly what they need.

From desktops to smartphones, the world has embraced the smart devices that are changing people’s lives in many ways. Businesses can capitalize on this immense potential by using unified access to create a single access system that allows all of their employees and customers to connect with their data securely anytime, anywhere.


Understanding the Difference Between Unified Access and Unified Communications

It’s important for people to understand the difference between unified access and unified communications. While they might sound like synonyms, they actually fulfill two different functions that complement each other perfectly.

Unified communications refers to an entire system that allows users to communicate with one another without any difficulty, regardless of what device they’re using. For example, a company can use unified communications to allow their employees to chat with one another from either the office or at home. This technology is extremely useful for companies that have an international presence because it allows workers from all around the world to reach out and collaborate regardless of where they are.

Unified access refers to a system that provides users with access to the company’s applications, networks, and data. This system has evolved to include smart device users as well, making it possible for people to access their systems from these devices rather than just traditional computers or laptops. Using unified access means that businesses will have a way of reaching out to all of their employees and customers no matter what kind of device they use.


Mobile-Friendly Unified Access

The most important thing for businesses to do is choosing or having a custom unified access solution developed that’s mobile-friendly because most of their customers and employees will be accessing it from a smartphone or tablet. For example, if a business wants to use unified access to allow their employees to view and edit any kind of file regardless of device or location, then they should choose one that is hosted in the cloud because this makes it possible for all users to obtain important files from anywhere.

Businesses can also gain access to services such as Microsoft Exchange with unified access to get the best experience possible. Options like this make it possible for employees and customers to not only use their phones to view important documents or other data, but to edit that data as well, something that is rarely supported by mobile email apps.


How Businesses Benefit From Unified Access

Businesses that implement unified access into their systems can benefit in many ways.


Easy Connectivity

Unified access makes it possible for all users and devices to connect with one another and the company’s data. This is particularly useful if a business has employees that work remotely or don’t operate within a traditional office setting.


Easily Accessed Data

With unified access, business data is easily accessed by employees and customers no matter what device they use. This makes it easier for businesses to share their data with people who need it rather than constantly worrying about compatibility issues that might impede the sharing process.


Increased Collaboration

With unified access, employees and customers can collaborate in real time no matter where they are. This is especially helpful for businesses that have a large overseas presence or work with people from around the globe on a regular basis because it provides them with an easy way to communicate and share important company data.


Single Access Point

Since unified access is accessible via a single app, users can access it from anywhere without any extra steps. This makes the entire process more efficient because it doesn’t require people to use multiple devices or programs in order to get their work done.


Easy Access To Files

Unified access makes it possible for employees to retrieve important files, documents, and other data from any device. This is especially helpful for businesses that have employees who work with large amounts of data on a regular basis.


What About Benefits for Small Businesses?

Unified access is helpful for businesses of all sizes because it can be adapted to meet their needs. For example, a small business might only need unified access in order for their employees to communicate with one another while a larger business may need something more comprehensive to handle an international presence or collaborate between multiple locations.

Businesses that are interested in learning more about unified access and how it can help them should contact a managed service provider for more information.


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