HIPAA Compliant Mobile Apps for Data Security

HIPAAMobile health data security is important now more than ever, as the rate of mobile healthcare continues to increase. With so many different types of devices being used for healthcare, it becomes difficult to keep your HIPAA compliance status.

What’s even harder these days is getting a mobile app built that adheres to HIPAA guidelines, and does not compromise the security of your data.

So what makes a mobile app HIPAA compliant?


Strong device security: To protect users from hackers and identity theft. This means utilizing strong passwords, encryption, and both iOS and Android OS features for maximum security on every device that accesses the app.

Limit who has access to patient health information: This can be done by using role-based security, and only giving the appropriate staff access.

Protecting the integrity of your data: This means backing up information, but not storing it anywhere where unauthorized users can access it.

Ensuring patient privacy: If a mobile device is lost or stolen, you must have plans in place to ensure that there are no breaches in privacy.


If you’re looking for a mobile app to meet HIPAA guidelines you need to look at security first. In order for your data to be secure, everything from the device, network infrastructure, and even staff must be HIPAA compliant. If not, any data that’s collected by your app could be jeopardized in a number of ways.


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