Supply Chain Optimization Software: Important Things to Know

supply chain optimizationSupply chain optimization is a procedure that utilizes information and facts to develop the most feasible supply capability while minimizing costs. Supply chains consist of complex techniques including raw material acquisition, production, distribution, and marketing. The main objective is to satisfy customer demands and continually grow sales plus revenue with little or no waste and minimal expenses. Many companies attempt to keep their supply chain costs low by outsourcing the generation of items to other individuals or establishing complex make-to-order systems; promoting products in stores with little shelf area. Developing an effective supply chain is one way for companies to meet customer demands while minimizing expenses and increase sales/revenue.


What is Supply Chain Optimization Software?

Supply chain optimization software consists of applications used to analyze supply chains by projecting future demands, forecasting efficiency, capabilities for enhancing productivity, and providing assistance in decision-making through scenario simulations. Supply chain software determines how much inventory should be kept on hand at every phase of production to meet consumer demand. The technology calculates several potential scenarios including high demand, low demand, and the effects on the bottom line.

This type of solution is an organization’s next step in becoming more productive, competitive, and ensuring business continuity by improving long-term performance. It is important that companies understand when to use supply chain optimization software since it can be expensive when used exclusively without taking into account other components of operations.


Supply Chain Software: A New Approach to Old Problems

In the past, companies have been able to succeed without utilizing supply chain optimization software. Success has been measured by providing high-quality goods and services at a fair price while making a reasonable profit. In today’s market, those who utilize technology as part of their business model will be more profitable while creating a better customer experience. Supply chain software can help any type of company become successful by improving productivity, increasing revenues and reducing costs.


What Types of Businesses Use Supply Chain Optimization Software?

Businesses from all types of industries use supply chain optimization software to improve the way they operate. The technology is useful for practically all organizations since it enables businesses to run more efficiently and meet consumer demands. Some of the leading industries that have successfully utilized this solution include manufacturers, distributors, retailers and service providers.

The following areas can benefit from utilizing supply chain optimization software:


Manufacturers – Businesses that create products to sell or services that are offered to customers.


Distributors – Any company that provides goods for retail sale by another business including wholesalers, brokers, jobbers and merchandisers.


Retailers – Companies selling standard consumer grade goods or durable equipment.


Service Providers – Any business that provides ongoing services for customers.


Top Features of a Supply Chain Software Solution

Through supply chain software, businesses of all types and sizes can gain a competitive advantage. The software’s features can assist in making day-to-day operations more profitable while minimizing costs and improving the bottom line. A few of the top features include:


Process Automation

Ability to manage multiple processes for creating products or delivering services such as forecasting, scheduling and purchasing. The software streamlines the workflow process to eliminate duplication of efforts and increase efficiency.


Inventory Control

Supply chain optimization software can determine how much inventory should be kept on hand at every phase of production. It also provides a clear picture of what is needed from suppliers plus items that are no longer required by business operations.


Capacity Utilization

Helps operations managers work within capacity levels while managing priorities. The software calculates the demand for production at every level in order to maximize efficiency and ensure that customer demands are met.


Demand Flow Technology

Can assist with improving performance by utilizing various materials from suppliers based on where they are located, prices and service times.


Shortest Lead Time

Helps ensure that goods and services are available when consumers want them. In other words, it determines how quickly a product can be produced and delivered to the customer.


Customer Satisfaction

Helps businesses gain consumer trust by offering products when they want them or services when they will be most beneficial. In addition, companies can track customer satisfaction in real-time while identifying potential problems before they impact operations.

Businesses can also manage customer relationships by utilizing this technology to identify what is important to the consumer such as product quality, product availability, after-sales service or delivery times.


Other Important Things to Note

Be aware that supply chain optimization software can become costly if used exclusively without taking other steps to improve the entire business operation. Even though this solution provides numerous benefits, it is not an end-all-be-all option for every type of company. The return on investment should be carefully evaluated before deciding whether or not this solution is right for the business.

Organizations should also understand that this type of system can optimize operations on a macro or micro level. For example, it could improve the entire supply chain operation or help managers create better plans on an individual product basis. Depending on company needs, this software can be implemented to provide more value than expected.

Supply chain optimization software can certainly help businesses of all types and sizes. By offering real-time information, the solution provides visibility into what is required to keep operations running efficiently. The features can also assist with gaining a competitive advantage while offering numerous benefits for customers at the same time. Supply chain optimization software offers one solution for optimizing performance but should not be viewed as a one-stop shop for improving business results.


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