What Makes the Samsung SmartTag so Special?

Samsung SmartTag

Samsung has recently revealed one of their newest products, the Galaxy SmartTag and the SmartTag+. The difference between these two versions of the Galaxy SmartTag is that the SmartTag + uses Ultra wide band technology combined with Bluetooth low energy signals that can give an exact location for your SmartTag through Samsung’s SmartThings Find service. SmartThings Find service can be accessed through the SmartThings app. The regular SmartTag device only uses Bluetooth low energy signals to find your device. The SmartTag+ uses the same bluetooth low energy signals as the regular SmartTag device, but it also uses Ultra Wide Band technology. The Ultra wide band technology used in the SmartTag + can enable Augmented Reality to help lead you to your device using your phone’s camera. If you are interested in using these features of the SmartTag + you will need to have a Galaxy S21+ or S21 Ultra. 

One reason why the Galaxy SmartTag is so special is that you can find your tagged device even if it’s out of range of Bluetooth. Samsung gives users the option to join SmartThings app which uses Samsung devices to help find others missing SmartTags. The way this works is that once you report your SmartTag’d device missing any other galaxy phones or devices that are by your SmartTag will alert the SmartThings app with your device’s location. All of this data transmitted between the SmartThings app and SmartTags will be encrypted and only the owner will be able to see the devices location.

Another feature added to the SmartTag is the ability to find your SmartTag even with a device that is offline. And, on top of this, Samsung has designed the SmartTag to be able to store a history of where the tag has been which can allow users to easily retrace their steps. Once you have retraced your steps and are near your SmartTag it will give users an option of playing a sound or ringtone outloud to help users easily find where it is. With these features, Samsung is making it almost impossible to lose anything again as long as you tagged it with a SmartTag. However, Samsung did not create this product just to find lost items. Samsung developed the SmartTag to also pair with a smart home and allows the SmartTag to be assigned an action for devices in your smart home. The SmartTag needs to be connected to an IoT device that is registered in the SmartThings app in order for these functions to be accessed. If you already own a Samsung device, it seems there is no reason not to invest in the SmartTag, as it is a device that can access and activate devices in your smarthome in an instant, and help you find any items you may lose at the same time. 

Currently the SmartTag+ is being sold at $39.99 for one and $64.99 for a two-pack. The standard edition SmartTag can be bought for $29.99. There is also an option of a two-pack and four-pack costing $49.99 and $84.99. 

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