App Modernization: What is it and How Can Businesses Benefit?

App modernizationThe nature and pace of business today is changing rapidly. The impact on IT operations is profound, especially with the advent of cloud-based technologies. How does this rapid shift to cloud computing impact how you modernize your existing on-premises applications?

Businesses today are looking for a balance between increasing their pace of innovation, while at the same time remaining secure and compliant. They need to transform their operations to support this success. Technology modernization can help businesses achieve these objectives. Modernization puts key technology capabilities in place that will enable them to do more faster. It’s a key capability for delivering value quickly and effectively.

Modernizing your applications can both improve the quality of those applications, as well as provide benefits like faster time to market and improved agility. The resulting capabilities can help enable you to address business opportunities today, while keeping pace with changing customer demands in the future.

The challenge for many businesses is figuring out how to modernize their business applications as they move to cloud-based architectures. This is where app modernization can help.


What is App Modernization?

App modernization, in simple terms, is the process of taking your existing on-premises applications and making them suitable for deployment as cloud-based applications or even SaaS applications. App modernization makes these applications easier to deploy, more agile, and able to take advantage of the Cloud.

App Modernization can help businesses achieve their technology goals in four key areas:


Integrated Cloud and On-Premises Applications

Modernized applications that span both on-premises and the Cloud enable you to move business logic from your existing on-premises applications into a variety of cloud-hosted services. This approach allows companies to take advantage of the agility and flexibility of the cloud, while using their existing investment in on-premises applications.


Integrated Applications with Mobile Devices

The role played by mobile devices is growing rapidly every day. These devices can sit on either side of the network, with user experiences spanning both apps and websites. A key challenge for many organizations is how they can make their business applications available to users via mobile devices. App modernization makes it possible to move existing business logic from your application server to cloud services capable of running on a variety of devices.


Modernized Collaboration Applications

Collaboration tools are critical business enablers as they help teams work more effectively. That’s why it’s important to move your existing collaboration applications into the Cloud. Doing so allows you to continue to use the tools you’re familiar with, while taking advantage of new capabilities like cloud-hosted file storage and secure file sharing.

You can also take advantage of some additional benefits by moving these applications to a SaaS environment. These include:

Business Agility: When you begin to use SaaS collaboration tools for your organization, changes can be made and deployed rapidly. In most cases new capabilities are quickly available as a result of the subscription pricing model.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Because SaaS applications typically have lower license fees than traditional packaged applications, you can realize a real cost savings over time. If your organization has historically had to pay for services on a per-seat basis, it’s likely that SaaS solutions will appeal to you because of their low up-front costs.


Modernized Platform Applications

Application modernization doesn’t have to be limited to the user interface. There are many times when additional functionality is required to make an app “applicable” for use in a cloud environment. For example, some applications require things like load balancing, multi-tenancy and enterprise grade security if they’re to be used in the Cloud. App modernization can provide you with these toolsets to help move existing apps easily into the Cloud.



The role played by cloud-based apps is growing rapidly. If you want your organization to take advantage of these opportunities, you’ll need to begin the modernization journey as soon as possible.

App modernization provides a methodology to guide this process. It can help you identify the right apps for cloud migration and prepare them so that they’re ready for use in a SaaS environment. By not waiting to do this work, you’ll gain an immediate benefit of increased agility – your organization will be able to begin reaping the benefits of a cloud-ready app portfolio today.


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