Top 5 Limitations of Website Builders Such as WordPress and Wix

website buildersWebsite builders such as Wix and WordPress claim that they will give you a website in next to no time – but is it really true? And even if it were, what can you do with your website once you’ve got it? What are the limitations of having a website using a site builder?


What Are Website Builders Anyways?

Website builders are basically services where you can choose from a few templates to create your website, which is generated as code (html, css) saved on their servers once you hit “publish”.

This means that if something happens to the site builder or if they decide to stop offering service you might lose your website. It also means that you don’t have full control over your website.

For example, you can’t use a sitebuilder to build a website for an ecommerce store because the service doesn’t offer payment gateways or shopping cart functionalities.

In short – it’s not actually a “website builder” in the sense that it will do everything from hosting, to back-end functionality.


5 Limitations of Builders (WordPress/Wix)

So, just how limiting are website builders? While you could probably think of many more, here are six limitations to help you get a better idea of whether it’s actually worth the effort or not.


1. It’s harder to be found on search engines

Website builders rely on a lot of CSS and Javascript to make their templates even remotely attractive, which is again something that’s difficult for search engines to crawl through, meaning your site is unlikely to rank well.


2. You can’t build complex page layouts (unless you know how to code)

If you’ve ever used Wix, it’s probably pretty obvious that there isn’t much flexibility in design. This also means there aren’t many customization options—even if you do know CSS and HTML – because site builders don’t want anyone creating a mess or code that might damage their servers.


3. You’re stuck with what the builder provides – you can’t add your own plugins, modules etc

Each builder gives you a short list of third party providers to choose from (for example, MailChimp in the case of Wix) but if there isn’t any code available to connect to your chosen provider, then you can’t use that feature.


4. You don’t have access to the code of your website

This means you’re stuck with whatever editing options a website builder gives you – which isn’t a lot. This means things like changing the link color’s for example would take an extra effort just because they aren’t available in the editor.


5. You don’t know HTML & CSS

A builder separates the front-end design of your website – which you can edit using their online editor – and the back-end, which is all the code that produces the site. This means if you’re not familiar with coding, then you won’t be able to make a lot of edits to your site.

After viewing these limitations of website builders, you might be wondering if there’s any way around them, or if there are any alternatives.


Why Website Designers Can Be Better Than Website Builders

If you’ve gone through the list of limitations and realize that you can’t get a truly flexible website with your chosen site builder, then there might be another option for you—such as buying a premium WordPress theme (through Themeforest or ElegantThemes) or getting an account at a web hosting company. This is a better option for those who already have some experience with coding as it will give them more flexibility and control over their website.

Another option is to look for website designers. There are some great ones who will be able to hook you up with a custom, flexible website that’s exactly what you like. You’ll get to choose the color scheme, layout and other design aspects. This also means it will be done exactly how you want it because designers don’t try to cram their style down your throat. They’re there to bring your ideas to life.


Now that you’ve had an overview of the limitations and the potential solutions, what do you think? Are website builders worth it?

If you’re just looking for a simple and cheap-to-maintain website, then they can be useful. But if you want something that is truly yours and allows maximum flexibility, then it might be worth bringing in someone who specializes in website design. Or better yet, look into using WordPress as your CMS—at least you won’t be limited by a pre-made template.

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