Real-Time In-App Chat and Communication Apps

Communication apps

You can build and run real-time in-app chat and communication apps, serverless architectures without infrastructure management for your applications and services.

Your application is still running without a server, but AWS does manage all servers for you.

AWS Lambda has been added with many triggers over time. You can answer any API call by calling a lambda function via tools such as Amazon Cloud Watch Events. By leveraging this, we can easily add other ready-to-use features to our application.

The chat application we are building represents a full server-free architecture that provides a basic chat application with added features.

Over time, AWS Lambda has grown to include a lot of functionalities. One such function is to use the Lambda function to include tools like AWS API which enhances the Amazon Cloud Event.

The results are completely operational, with the CloudFormation stack being launched, and with the API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and DynamoDB are what help the functionality of the chat services to be more effective.

Using platforms like Pubnub help you establish mobile chats that takes care of customer queries in real time. Using in-app chat, press notifications, location tracking, and more, you can leverage the power of the hosted real-time APIs.

Having a chatbot present at all times is a great way to let the customers engage with the app and allow them to be heard. Furthermore, as the users have most of their needs being met via Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms, it is pointless to develop a new app just for the sake of having a chatbot, the smarter way to approach it is by integrating the chatbots into the poplar platforms and let them learn from the interactions that they have with the users there.

Serverless is a cloud technology, where there are not many customized codes to write, communication protocols defined, server configurations installed, etc. A few sections later we take a short introduction to serverless, but for now, we want to stress why this is extremely important. The fortunes of many customers who wanted to build a chat solution and make it ready for production in 25 days have been changed. We can easily do this within 15 days by writing and integrating other services into it (Too much focus on server, need article to start off with the actual topic, which is in-app chat and communication apps.

The cost and time considerations of projects were the crucial and decisive factors when we see the work that Fortune 500 companies do, for example. Overrunning time may cost you the project twice or thrice.

Why is that not the problem when using the serverless system?

Serverless offers you the freedom to work on a managed infrastructure that reduces workloads drastically and allows you to use your vital resources for some other tasks.

No servers need to be managed from now on and instead focus on new features in your application. During the development and operation of an app, undifferentiated heavy lifting measures such as software installation, server management, patch coordinating, and scaling are provided to meet demand.

In addition to being proactive when it comes to customer service, the chatbots come in handy when the customers come on to the messenger to talk to someone, and if you do not have a customer service executive available, then the customers can engage with the chatbots who will keep them on the line. By doing so, the customer service executive can then take over the conversation by then.

If the app is gaining traffic but is unable to convert it into sales, then the chatbot can reach out to the customers with a form to ask them why they did not purchase anything. By doing so, the developers will have a clear idea about the reasons and have the data necessary to ensure that they can work on those issues and work them to convert traffic into sales.

How to create a chatbot?

If you are a coding geek then you can code a chatbot framework into existence, however, if you have no clue about coding and want to create a chatbot then you can do that as well. Let us go over both coding and non-coding options to create a chatbot.

Non-coding options

Several platforms are quite popular when it comes to creating a chatbot and are easy to use. Every step of the way, you will be asked to enter relevant information which will be used to determine how the chatbot will perform. Follow the following steps to better help you understand what your chatbot needs to be:

Know the kind of chatbot you want – This is where you ask what the chatbot needs to achieve. It can either be a simple chatbot that responds to greetings and is governed by rules which dictate how it performs. On the other hand, it can be an adaptive AI-powered chatbot that enables the chatbot to learn from the user interactions and grow.

Select the platform for the use of the chatbot – Where is the chatbot going to be deployed? Facebook, Instagram, or will it be hosted on your website? In any case, know where it is going to be deployed and again, it all boils down to the goal that you are trying to achieve with the chatbot.

Opt for the right technology stack – Once you have decided what the chatbot is going to be doing and where it is going to be working, then you can move on to the next step, which is choosing where and how to build it. You can either opt for a chatbot developer to design the bot for you or you can use the DIY platforms that are available online.

Design the Conversation

This is where you teach the bot what to do and if you have opted for chatbot development options of a developer then they will get it done for you, but if you have opted for DIY chatbot platforms then the process is as simple as dragging and dropping. Once done, then you can move on to testing and then deploying the bot in the field.

Coding Options

If you decide to code the chatbot into existence then you can opt for Python, as that is the most popular option for most chatbot developers. The reason why developers opt for Python is that it is equipped with Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, which makes life easier for developers when they create syntax for complicated chatbot features. In addition to this, Python is used to create all the conversational aspects that are hosted by the server.

In either case, you can opt for Sunvera as we enable you to unlock the full potential of your business by setting up a chatbot for your business, or other in-app chat and communication apps. In doing so, we help you gain more customers by having much more efficient customer service. We understand the importance of having responsive customer service and it is for this reason that we help you with your automated chat needs.