AI vs. ML

What’s the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI vs. ML

Artificial Intelligence (AI), in contrast to the natural intelligence of humans, is machine taught and learned technology.  Coined in the 1950’s, Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest buzzwords impacting big data tech companies today. The 6 major goals of AI are as follows: Continue reading “AI vs. ML”

Top 5 Reasons Why Urgent Care APPS Are Changing Healthcare

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night by a kid with a high fever or received a worried phone call from grandma who tripped and bruised her hip?  One course of action is to drive to the emergency room, sit in crowded stuffy waiting rooms for hours, pay enormous co-pays, only for the nurse to offer 5 minutes of care and prescribe ibuprofen or a Band-Aid.  We all care that our loved ones are receiving the best care possible, but occasionally we know that not every scrape or bruise requires a rushed trip to the emergency room.  Telemedicine is rising as the urgent care app which will change the future of medicine.


Here are the top 5 reasons to use telemedicine:

  • Telemedicine, like MedHeroes, is a 1 to 1 direct communication between a doctor and their patient.  Doctors use audio/video technology to see/hear the symptoms of their patients, and thus can quickly and effectively diagnose their issue.
  • Telemedicine can arrange for a doctor to visit their patient at home so their patient does not need to travel to an ER.
  • Telemedicine is more cost-effective.  They create easy pricing and transparent costs without the hassle of insurance companies.  Often Telemedicine is far less expensive than paying emergency room fees and one can pay for exactly the care they receive.
  • Telemedicine reduces the risk of spreading diseases in contagious waiting rooms.  The doctor can also analyze the environment you live in as a factor to your illness.
  • Follow up care is quick and easy so you can get back to your everyday life.

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Sunvera Software can help your company create or improve your Urgent Care APP to develop telemedicine of the future.  Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with our skilled software developers to discuss your mobile app ideas of the future.

General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR and Personal Data

  GDPR: The big final exam you procrastinated on

In an optimistic effort to slow the exponential growth of data and the inevitable breech of user privacy, the European Union lawmakers hoped to enhance data protection and return big data back into the autonomous hands of the users.  Like thousands of students are asking themselves how they procrastinated on their big final, so too are the big tech companies of the world asking themselves how they procrastinated on the GDPR Compliance and avoid legal hassles.

 Personal data and why it needs protecting 

If you are like me, personal data is a pesky and distracting message you skim through before accessing your apps, but the second you press accept to allow Yelp or Tinder to access your friends and location you are putting your personal information and your friend’s personal information at risk — and it cannot be undone.  So what is Personal Information anyway?

Personal information is your phone number, email, age, race, gender, sexual orientation, image, social security number, address, family, friends, education, and current locations.  And all this information is at risk, thus the dire need for cyber security.  Essentially, “Big Brother”  is watching.  With this much information unregulated, willfully supplied, and free for hackers to access, the issues grows much larger than a simple individual, personal case of fraud, it can grow to national proportions of distrust in our democracy and global economy.

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So what’s GDPR again?

The GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation was first approved by the EU Parliament on April 14th, 2016 with enforcement set to take action on May 25th, 2018.  After nearly 3 years of negotiation, the regulation was set to apply to the 28-member state bloc which will be filtered down the different legislative processes for each EU country.  Even the UK, with its attempt to Brexit the room, is still held hostage by the dire need to implement regulation between the flow of data between the EU and UK—yes, the GDPR is that threatening.


But what does the EU regulation have to do with American Industry?

The answer is: EU regulation has A LOT to do with American industry.  In an independent survey of large company CIOs, conducted by Vanson Bourne they found that 52% of American businesses process European data.  So half of the country is panicking about the meaning of these compliance standards and what this could mean for the proper concealment of their customer’s data.

Can I still pass the class if I fail the final?

Unfortunately, not with these stakes.  The penalty for not complying with these regulations will be a 4% fine of your company’s global turnover or €20 million ($25 million) not to mention the massive PR disaster when your company is splashed on every headline for not protecting your user’s social security numbers, IP addresses, or website cookie data.  We all have been watching as Facebook executive, Mark Zuckerberg raised his hands to the flame of congress and much hotter the torches of his own users; this could be your company as well if you do not work hard to comply with the GDPR standards.

Find a tutor who can help your company?

The GDPR is an ongoing challenge which will continue to face the future of your business in the grand scheme of things.  Whether you’re a small startup or a mid-size company it is easier than ever to make your product virile and your company global.  Allow Sunvera Software to help your business protect your big data and users to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation or any future laws which will undoubtedly arise.

Video Games and AWS Software

Video Games, AWS, and the Modern Age

video games  

As AI and AR slide into our modern day reality, video games are also high scorers among software developers.  The Entertainment Software Association announced that in 2017, 65% of American households contain at least one member who plays video games for 3+ hours per day.  2/3rds of Americans are immersed in the Video Game Software and the figures are steadily growing each year. Continue reading “Video Games and AWS Software”

“Technology” Runway — The Future of Fashion is Apps

Wearable App Technology

Wearable Technology — Fashion For the Future

As the warm April season begins, it might be time to dust off your Fitbit, eat a cool salad, and treat yourself to a shopping spree. And of course, what is a new spring outfit without the accessories…

Here are the top 3 future wearable technology apps which could be scorching your summer style.

spring fashion is wearable technology

Smart Cuffs

Well you know what they say, “everyone looks nice in a good pair of jeans.”Google certainly seems to think so and is testing out theirLevi’s CommuterTrucker Jacket with Jacquard. Thishightech wearable data designed for the urban commuter will access music, navigation, and, of course, communicationwith just a simple brush of the sleeve. The technology is literally woven into the fabric of theclothing. In thenext year you might want to thinkabout trading in that olddenim jacket of yours for the latest in wearable technology.

smart cuff technology

Apple Watch

Sleek and stylish, the apple watch has been a top seller for wearable technology. But what will the apple watch series 4 look like when it hits stores? Well Tim Cook is looking into the health and wellness benefits of apps on the new line of apple watches. Our future watches will be able to detect posture and gestures as well as face recognition and picture/video taking abilities.

apple watch wearable apps

Amazon Smart Glasses

Amazon Smart Glasses will be keeping you trendy in the future. Each pair of smart glasses will contain your personal assistant Alexa to help withnavigation and notification. Amazon will begin to mingle with third party tech giants like Facebook andGoogle to bringcustomers new augmented reality and artificial intelligence apps. No earbuds necessary, the audio will move through bone-conduction technology right intoyour ears.

smart glasses wearable technology

In the future, our fashion runways could be more like technology runways. If you are interested in the future of app technology Sunvera Software can work with you to make your chic app design become an iconic fashion statement.

AI and Why Your Company Should Be Prepared

Explore the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence and mobile app technology.

Student mobile app technology artificial intelligence

Long gone are the days when cell phones were deemed a distraction in the classroom.  Today’s learning is enhanced by SMART boards, tablets, and most importantly Artificial Intelligence.  A new generation of young people raised on technology will enter the marketplace in the coming years.  Is your business prepared to meet the challenges of AI in a world of tech giants?

But what exactly is Artificial Intelligence? Continue reading “AI and Why Your Company Should Be Prepared”

Mobile Game Apps vs Healthcare Mobile Apps: Why Mobile Game Apps?

Would you rather invest in Mobile Game Apps or Healthcare Mobile Apps (also called mHealth) to be successful. While game mobile apps are a big draw for all user age groups, healthcare mobile apps have a focused niche user base with higher utilization factor.

Let’s define Game mobile apps and healthcare mobile apps:

Mobile Game Apps – from Wikipedia, “A mobile game is a video game played on a feature phone, smartphone/tablet, smartwatch, PDA, portable media player or graphing calculator.”

Healthcare Mobile Apps – from Wikipedia, “mHealth (also written as m-health) is an abbreviation for mobile health, a term used for the practice of medicine and public health supported by mobile devices.”

Friends playing mobile games

Mobile games apps allow a greater participation of user base and allows for all sorts of people to enjoy a mobile experience. This fuels two different engines – economic and user-engagement. Both can become huge. If a game is simple to understand, rules are easy to comprehend, game is easy to play with increasing levels of difficultly, then and only then can a game become successful.

It is not necessary to have blockbusters like Pokemon Go. Instead there are millions of simple apps that are played by millions of people every day.

However, the biggest benefit in my eyes is the increasing participation by people. They get familiar with the devices, start trusting them and ultimately will try non-game apps like Healthcare apps. Without the initial early-adopter technology, there will be no opportunity for other industries.

If you are considering a game app, this is the right time to launch into developing it now.

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